Molecular Club

Stay top of your game longer

A new private member’s club for CXO’s looking to stay at peak performance longer. 

We believe the sum of the grey matter in our network of CXOs could better the world. Loosing great minds to degenerative diseases in their 50’s is a loss to society and economy. The key to optimising humans, is to decelerate the cellular ageing and reversing or maintaining their biological age. So you can feel and perform like a 40 year old way into your 60’s.

CEO’s ageing rapidly

According to research a CEOs’ lifespan decreases by 1.5 years in response to economic downturns and we have had several recently. The distressed CEO increases his or hers apparent age by one year over the next decade, looking older faster. (Source: National Bureau of Economic Research – CEO Stress, Aging, and Death 2021). Compare that to cigarette smoking that reduces lifespans by 1 year, being a CEO is far more lethal. At BelleCell we make it our mission to stop that. 

The Molecular Club – biohacked members

The Molecular Club is a private network of biohacked CXOs that strive to stay at the top of the game longer. BelleCell’s propriety science aims to unlock the regenerative potential and biohack cellular system of its members. Initiation into the club follows a series of therapies, by BelleCell, to assist in achieving healthful longevity. Access to the club, events and network is only available by way of obtaining wellbeing millstones. 

To join The Molecular Club please register your interest and we will send you an invite to our open days.  

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